Sew many memories and sew many lives have been touched!

Seams Unlikely The Inspiring True Life Story of Nancy Zieman
So many sewing enthusiasts can say they learned how to sew a hem or zipper as a result of watching Sewing With Nancy®. Even Designs in Machine Embroidery Editor, Eileen Roche, remembers learning how to sew her first set of curtains for her home by watching Nancy's program!

So many memories, so many lives have been affected in a positive manner because of one woman!

Each of us faces challenges," says the former Wisconsin Woman of the Year and public television darling. "Some are larger than others. But what happens to us does not define us unless we let it.

For the first time ever, the host of North America's longest-running sewing show, Sewing With Nancy®, whose 40+ books have sold millions of copies, tells her life story.

  • Nancy Zieman shares the details of the onset of Bell's palsy and how it played a part during her school years.
  • Zieman gives the history of 4-H's important role in developing her presentation and sewing skills.
  • The autobiography includes step-by-step background regarding how she began Nancy's Notions and grew it into a multi-million dollar business.
  • Read insights and observations sprinkled throughout from those close to Zieman.
  • Zieman shares background and behind-the-scenes info regarding her PBS show, Sewing With Nancy.
  • Zieman also shares the growth of her family from marriage to the birth and adoption of their boys.
  • Special pictures section sharing images from her personal and professional life are also included.
  • Softbound cover, 300 pages

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