Snap Hoop for Quick Snap

Hooping for your multi-needle machine just got easier!

Maximize the free arm ability of your multi-needle machine and experience the effortless way to hoop and align fabrics in one easy step using the Snap Hoop for Quick Snap. The secret is in the patented design. 

Snap Hoop for Quick Snap comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame. Simply lay the fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place! Voila! The fabric is secured. Minute adjustments can be made by tugging on the fabric without distorting the fibers. Try that on a traditional hoop and you are guaranteed to end up with puckering on your embroidery. 

Attachment shown below is for a Baby Lock/Brother machine and is shown for demonstration purposes only.
  • Connect Quick Snap attachment to your multi-needle machine
  • Slide on Snap Hoop
  • Hoop your project

Snap Hoop for Quick Snap handles knits, wovens and even quilt sandwiches with pain and hassle-free hooping. Maximize the free arm ability of your machine and expand your creativity. Simply slip a pant leg, tote bag, pocket or sleeve over the metal frame and stitch away! Makes multiple hoopings a breeze - just lift the magnetic top frame, slide the fabric and snap the frame back in place to stitch flawless continuous embroidery! 

Quick Snap Snap Hoop Includes:

  • Metal bottom frame
  • Magnetic top frame

Available with or without a Quick Snap multi-needle machine adapter.


Click here for machine compatibility chart


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