How do I attach the Monster Snap-Hoop to my machine?

The following video will show you how to attach a Monster Snap-Hoop to your machine.

What do I do if my Monster Snap-Hoop will not fit on my machine?

In the unlikely case your Monster Snap-Hoop will not go on to your machine there's a simple fix. View the following video to learn how.

How do I know if your Snap-Hoop products are compatible with my machine?

We test each of our Snap-Hoops on various machines and models to ensure the proper fit and function. We also publish a machine compatibility chart which you can view here.

I purchased a downloadable product. How do I download it? 

You will receive an email with the subject line "Dime - Product Download" after your purchase is complete. Follow the directions in the email to download your product. Should you encounter any trouble please give us a call toll-free at 1-888-739-0555 

How can you promote a product utilizing magnets on a computerized embroidery machine? Isn't that dangerous? 

Extensive research has shown that the position of the magnets on our magnetic hoops does not cause any damage to computerized embroidery machines. The metal frame absorbs the electromagnetic pull which, while strong enough for hooping, is not strong enough to pass through this field. Most commercial machines do not even have magnetic fields in the lower arm assembly. 

The use of magnets in this application has been thoroughly tested with no adverse effects. Additionally of all the magnetic hoops we've sold, there has not been a single report of any problem which was caused by magnets properly placed on the hoops. 

However, magnets CAN damage magnetic computer data; therefore, use caution. Do not put them in direct contact with diskettes or memory sticks. Some design cards are susceptible as well. To be on the safe side, watch where you put your magnets! 

We do not take responsibility for damaged diskettes, memory sticks, design cards or other media that is damaged due to user error.

I have embroidery software. I am trying to write the initials RDH on screen. First I open up the letter “R” then when I open the letter “D”, the “R” disappears. I can only open up one letter at a time. What's the problem? 

Embroidery software varies slightly but the following steps should help. 

  1. Open the first letter in your embroidery software. 
  2. Go to FILE. Instead of clicking on OPEN for the next letter, look for an option such as INSERT DESIGN or MERGE DESIGN. Click on this option then open up the next letter. 
  3. You should now see two letters. Repeat the second step above for each additional letter. 
  4. Rearrange the letters as needed. 
  5. Go to SAVE AS to save the new file. 

I have an Amazing Box. Will the Perfect Towel Kit work? 

The Amazing Box, Magic Box, and other converter boxes’ primary function is to transfer a design from one storage media to another. For example, you would insert the Perfect Towel Kit Design CD into your computer. You would use a converter box to transfer the designs from the CD to a memory card. You need embroidery software to manipulate the designs. If you wanted to embroider “ABC” on a towel, you need embroidery software to make this possible or merge the designs in the editing feature of your embroidery machine. Embroidery software allows you to open the designs on your computer, lay out and rearrange the designs on the computer screen then save the letters as one design.