Reen Wilcoxson - Hand-Sketched Floral Borders

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Hand-Sketched Floral Borders

Create beautiful sketched borders!

Designs in Machine Embroidery partnered with Reen Wilcoxson to create this collection of delicate, quick-stitch designs. The collection includes over 200 design elements. Mix and match to add the perfect accent to garments, accessories, quilt blocks and home décor items. 

You'll love how quick these 'sketchy' design stitch. Their light and airy look will make you soon! You can add them to pant legs, skirt hems, cuffs, quilt blocks and borders, in-the-hoop-projects, greeting cards and more. 

"Flowers and plants have always been a part of my life. As a teen, I had houseplants in my room. As I grew older, my love of flowers grew also. I began learning about different varieties, color options and ways of planting flowers to be visually appealing. It seemed only natural to create floral embroidery designs for embellishing garments, home décor, accessories and more" - Reen Wilcoxson

Lovely on their own, the Hand-Sketched Floral Border collection coordinates beautifully with Reen's raw edge applique collection, Hand-Sketched Florals. 


Hoop Requirements: 5in x 7in hoop

This product is a download. You will receive a link and a serial number after purchase. 

Our design collections will run on a MAC with the use of a MAC Key. For more information, click here.

Some software programs recalculate stitch counts, sorts colors, or makes other changes to embroidery designs when saving/exporting that is out of the control of the user.

We stand behind the integrity of our designs when opened in our Embroidery Tool Shed software or sent directly to the machine without opening in other embroidery software programs.

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