Retro Plush Vinyl Applique Kit - Multiple Colors Options Available



Retro Plush Vinyl Applique Kit

Make your applique groovy!

Retro Plush combines two heavy hitters in the craft market  - Siser® StripFlock™ Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl and Exquisite® Vintage Thread. 

Siser® StripFlock™ Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) lets you create velvety soft applique with no cutting at all. Remove carrier sheet, place the HTV over an applique placement stitch, complete the stitches and pull away the excess from outside the applique shape. The result is a retro inspired applique that is oh so soft to the touch!

Siser® StripFlock™  Pro HTV is made for use on cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends so it’s perfect for apparel. Do not dry clean and use the normal setting on your dryer.

Siser® StripFlock™ Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl for soft touchable applique with no cutting! Create groovy mixed media embroidery projects with that WOW factor!


  • (6) sheets of 12” x 12” Siser® StripFlock™ Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • (3) spools of Exquisite® Vintage matte 40wt polyester thread
  • Free design for a 5" x 7" embroidery hoop

Available in three colorways:

  • Jelly Bean
    - Exquisite® Vintage: Felicity Yellow, Garden Green, Blue Hydrangea
    - Siser® StripFlock™ Pro HTV: Lemon, Green, Pale Blue
  • Beach Towels
    - Exquisite® Vintage: Tranquil Blue, Whimsy Pink, Placid Purple
    Siser® StripFlock™ Pro HTV: Turquoise, Purple, Fuchsia
  • Newsprint
    - Exquisite® Vintage: White, Llama Gray, Black
    Siser® StripFlock™ Pro HTV: White, Gray, Black

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