Vintage Font Collection + Free Vintage Embroidery Thread Bundle

18 Vintage Fonts + 15wt Thread

Download and use today! Create lovely vintage embroidery projects with vintage thread and these 18 professionally digitized machine embroidery fonts for use with the Embroidery Tool Shed.

  • Arial Vintage
  • Bauhaus Vintage
  • Broom Vintage
  • Brush Vintage
  • Casual Vintage
  • Cracked Vintage
  • Damage Vintage
  • Francks Vintage
  • Goudy Vintage
  • Groove Vintage
  • Hand Vintage
  • High School Vintage
  • Lacuna Vintage
  • Lemon Vintage
  • Opium Vintage
  • Revue Vintage
  • Skiver Vintage
  • Stressed Vintage

For a limited time get a free box of Vintage 15wt embroidery thread with your purchase!

  • Strong polyester thread
  • Thread produces high definition stitches with chunky fills
  • Use SCHMETZ Topstitch 100/16 needles for best results

Vintage Embroidery Thread comes in sets of 12 colors in the following color families:

  • Brights
  • Pastels
  • Earth Tones

The Vintage Font Collection works exclusively within the Embroidery Tool Shed software. Embroidery Tool Shed is a free powerful embroidery editing software suite that comes with your purchase. Inside the Tool Shed you will also have access to all of DIME ground-breaking embroidery software. Demo any title you wish and buy when you are ready.

**Owners of Vintage Software already own these fonts and do not need to purchase**

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