Totally Tubular™ Hooping Station



Totally Tubular Hooping Station

A sturdy foundation for all your hooping needs!

The Totally Tubular Hooping Station is an interlocking modular system that holds your hoop in place so you can accurately position garments, fabrics, bags, totes, and more.

The non-slip surface provides a sturdy foundation for small to medium size hoops and the elevated platform allows tubular items to easily slip over the hoop. Easily slide tubular items such as baby snap suits, t-shirt, sweatshirts and more. Get peak professional hooping results with this totally groovy system - it's Totally Tubular!

  • Works with Snap Hoops Monster or any standard embroidery hoop
  • Fits hoop sizes up to 9.5" x 9.5"
  • Doubles as a pressing station with Wool Pressing Mats*

The Totally Tubular System is easy to assemble and provides a non-slip surface for all your hooping needs. The set includes

  • 1 Post
  • 2 Plates
  • One 8" x 13" board
  • One 13" x 13" board
  • One 8" x 13" hooping mat
  • One 13"x 13" hooping mat

Customer Reviews

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Effective and affordable!

When I received the Totally Tubular Hooping Station and unboxed and put it together, I was skeptical. I had seen another much more expensive hooping system and opted for this less expensive one. Having used it a few times now, I happy I did. I feel it is worth the money. Eliminates slipping and sliding while hooping and makes hooping small t-shirts much easier.

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