Providing inspiration and solutions for machine embroidery enthusiasts Eileen Roche shares her wealth of machine embroidery and sewing experience to create products for embroiderers of any skill level. Her talent, creativity and enthusiasm distinguish her from others in the industry and are the driving force behind the success of Designs in Machine Embroidery Inspiration events and the products available online and in dealers across the United States and beyond. 

Designs in Machine Embroidery is the source for machine embroidery products including how-to and educational books, machine embroidery hoops, machine embroidery tools and organizers, machine embroidery designs, instructional videos, embroidery thread, stabilizers and more. Designs in Machine Embroidery is focused on inspiring and educating readers on all aspects of machine embroidery. Thank you stopping by. 



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Snap Hoop Monster® - Baby LockSnap Hoop Monster® - Baby Lock
Save 17%
Snap Hoop Monster® - BerninaSnap Hoop Monster® - Bernina
Snap Hoop Monster® - Bernina
From $199.99 $239.99
Save 21%
Snap Hoop Monster® - BrotherSnap Hoop Monster® - Brother
Snap Hoop Monster® - Brother
From $99.99 $119.99
Save 21%
Snap Hoop Monster® -  Husqvarna-VikingSnap Hoop Monster® -  Husqvarna-Viking
Save 20%
Snap Hoop Monster® -  JanomeSnap Hoop Monster® -  Janome
Snap Hoop Monster® - Janome
From $159.99 $199.99
Save 21%
Snap Hoop Monster® -  PfaffSnap Hoop Monster® -  Pfaff
Snap Hoop Monster® - Pfaff
From $149.99 $189.99
Save 13%
Sticky Hoop™ - Baby LockSticky Hoop™ - Baby Lock
Sticky Hoop™ - Baby Lock
From $69.99 $79.99
Save 11%
Sticky Hoop™ - BerninaSticky Hoop™ - Bernina
Save 13%
Sticky Hoop™ - BrotherSticky Hoop™ - Brother
Sticky Hoop™ - Brother
From $69.99 $79.99
Save 13%
Sticky Hoop™ - Husqvarna-VikingSticky Hoop™ - Husqvarna-Viking