Lace Jewelry Kit



Lace Jewelry Kit

Make your own jewelry!


The Lace Jewelry Kit has everything you need to make gorgeous earrings, bracelets, charms and more. 

This kit is the perfect companion to the Lace Jewelry Collection or Lace Charms by Eileen Roche.

Each kit contains:

  • 200 pcs of 6mm jump rings in each color (silver, gold, rose gold, aluminum, and brass)
  • 25 pcs of earring hooks in each color
  • 2 pliers
  • 1 jump ring opener (ring)
  • 3 magnetic bracelet clasps


Some software programs recalculate stitch counts, sorts colors, or makes other changes to embroidery designs when saving/exporting that is out of the control of the user.


We stand behind the integrity of our designs when opened in our Embroidery Tool Shed software or sent directly to the machine without opening in other embroidery software programs.

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