Print & Stick Target Paper™



Print & Stick Target Paper

Audition the embroidery before ever making a stitch!

Periodically, there's a product that is as great as the invention of sliced bread. Sure, anyone can slice their own loaf of bread, but it sure is more convenient when the bread is already sliced for you!

That's how we feel about the new and improved Print & Stick Target Paper! Translucent and sticky make working with these templates less tricky!

As an embroiderer, you're accustomed to working with traditional paper templates. You print a template of your embroidery design on plain copy paper. Sure, it will help as you position and plan your embroidery layout. But the paper can slide—the scotch tape you use to attach the template to your project wears out and the template is a little awkward to work with. Or you may be more advanced and use tracing paper for your templates. But it's a little tricky to run tracing paper through a printer or copy machine. It's also very delicate to work with and it's not adhesive-backed!

But when you use the new Print & Stick Target Paper you'll immediately see the difference!

It's translucent! This means you can see your fabric and embroidery through the template. What a difference this can make when you're trying to align your embroidery design layout!

It's adhesive! Having the ability to adhere the entire template on your project helps ensure accuracy! I've used scotch tape in the past, but one way or another, the template shifts and my carefully planned embroidery layout is ruined! Print & Stick Target Paper is adhesive-backed and lasts for multiple uses!

For inkjet or laser printers! Now you can use Print & Stick Target Paper in either your inkjet or laser printer. When using in an ink jet printer, allow a few minutes for the ink to dry before touching the printed area.

Adhesive templates stay put until you're ready to stitch!

Product Details:

  • 25 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Print & Stick Target Paper per package
  • Fabric is visible through the translucent paper making perfect placement a breeze
  • Adhesive-backed template paper is repositionable and remains tacky for multiple uses
  • Templates stay on until you remove them
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Ideal for large multi-hooping projects

Print and Stick in five easy steps:

  1. Place paper into printer, make sure that the rough side is facing up.  
  2. Print onto paper. 
  3. Remove printed paper from printer. 
  4. Peel and stick where you want it. 
  5. Remove before you stitch.

**Please test on an inconspicuous area of your fabric before use to determine suitability for your project. Not meant to be left on fabric for a prolonged amount of time. 




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