Exquisite® Thread Assortment - 30pk 5000 Meter Spools



Exquisite Thread Assortment - 30pk 5000 Meter Spools

40 wt • 120/2 Denier Thread • 5000 Meter

Grab this beautiful 30 pack of Exquisite 40wt 120/2 denier thread in our most popular colors. Exquisite thread is a high-quality polyester thread at a value price and provides the same brilliant sheen as rayon. 

The Exquisite brand of polyester threads are colorfast and withstand fading from ultraviolet rays and damage from laundering. Spools are individually shrink wrapped. 

Colors include: X010, X020, X1707, X111, X116, X3015, X1241, X309, X302, X305, X950, X777, X988, X449, X4453, X406, X2093, X413, X416, X633, X616, X650, X345, X392, X1031, X627, X619, X621, X841, X1152

Download our color conversion chart so you can easily match Exquisite thread to brands you may have used in the past. 

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