#80/12 Sharp Point HAX1 LE EBBR - Ceramic Coated

SKU: B3612-20


Triumph Flat Shank Needles #80/12 - Ceramic Coated

Sharp Point HAX1 LE EBBR - 20 Pack

Ceramic coated needles are preferred for machine embroidery because they offer several benefits over traditional chrome-plated needles.

  • Durability: Ceramic-coated needles are more durable than standard chrome-plated needles, lasting twice as long, because the ceramic coating is harder and more resistant to wear and tear. They are less likely to break or bend, which saves you time and money on replacing broken needles.
  • Heat resistance: Ceramic coatings are also heat-resistant, which makes them ideal for use with high-speed embroidery that can generate heat from friction. The heat-resistant properties of ceramic coatings help to reduce the risk of needle damage, breakage, or melting of synthetic fibers, which can occur with traditional chrome-plated needles.
  • Reduced friction: The ceramic coating on the needle reduces friction between the needle and the fabric, which can help to reduce thread breakage, skipped stitches, and other stitching problems. The reduced friction also helps to prolong the life of the needle, as it experiences less wear and tear.
  • Smooth stitching! The smooth surface of ceramic-coated needles can create smoother, more precise stitches than traditional chrome-plated needles, resulting in cleaner and more professional-looking embroidery.
  • Less penetration force: Ultra-smooth ceramic-coated needles have lower penetration force, making them kinder to delicate fabrics, yet they last longer on tough synthetic materials.

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