#90/14 Light Ball Point HAX1 LE EBBR

SKU: B3514-20


Triumph Flat Shank Needles #90/14

Light Ball Point HAX1 LE EBBR - 20 Pack

Light Ball Point This point type is intended to gently spread the yarns in a knitted fabric, rather than cutting them. This size high quality chrome-plated needle is ideal for fabrics knitted with lightweight yarn and for executing small lettering or fine detail. Works well with fine, light thread types such as size 60. May also be used with woven materials that are not tightly woven.

DIME needle are chrome-plated. Chrome-plated needles are long lasting and the most commonly used needle type, delivering good performance on all general types of blank goods.    

Use this needle with heavy knitted materials like Afghans and other bulky knits. Also suitable for heavy, loosely woven fabrics such as woolens.


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