Center It™ - Quilting Placement Templates



Center It - Quilting Placement Templates

Hoop It, Center It, Stitch It

Quickly find the center of common quilt block shapes like squares, diamonds, hexagons, circle and more.

Flexible and translucent, the quilt templates are perfect for marking a whole quilt or finding the center right on the machine, under the needle. Trim the templates to fit you most commonly-used blocks or hoops. If you do all your quilting in a 5"x 7" hoops, trim one set of shapes to 7". 

You get three 12" templates in each of the five shapes so you can measure and mark without leaving a trace. 


  • 15 total quilt templates - three 12" squares, three 12" circles, three 12" hexagons, three 40° diamonds, and three 60° diamonds
  • 30 round yellow stickers for off-machine marking
  • 25 square blue stickers for marking right under the needle 

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