Digitizing Spiral Borders in My Quilt Embellisher™



Digitizing Spiral Borders in My Quilt Embellisher

Embroidery Software Success by Eileen Roche

Eileen Roche created the Embroidery Software Success series to teach you how to make the most of the features found in My Quilt Embellisher.  

Quilted spirals should have evenly spaced lines, gently curving lines and no straight lines.  It takes hours of doodling practice to produce elegant spirals.  If you don’t have the drawing skills or time to hone them, use the spiral tool in My Quilt Embellisher! It makes this challenging task as easy as click, drag and release.  Spiral borders are very versatile, they complement feathers, flowers and swirly designs.  Let’s get started.

This product is a .pdf download. You will receive a link to download after purchase. Requires PDF reader software readily available on the internet or through Adobe®

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