Embroiderer's Big Helper™

SKU: EH0004


Embroiderer's BIG Helper!

For sizes XL - XXXL

Take the guesswork out of positioning left and right chest embroidery on Extra Large to XXXL shirts. With easy placement instructions printed on the BIG Embroiderer's Helper, industry standards are right at your fingertips. Use your own discretion for final placement.

T-shirts and Sweatshirts:
For left chest embroidery, simply flip the template.

Placket Shirts:
Place the top left or right corner in the middle of the top button.

Place a target sticker or mark the upper and lower placement notches to make ti easy to keep the design straight in the hoop.

+ No more guesswork!
Design placement on left and right chest embroidery is accurate every time!

+ Quick & Easy!
Simply select the garment size and place a Target Sticker along the alignment marks.

+ Consistent and Accurate Results Every Time!
Stitch a stack of shirts quickly and easily!


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