Embroidery Starter Kit - Cylinder Arm Machines



Embroidery Starter Kit

All-in-one supply collection!

 The Embroidery Starter Kit for Cylinder Arm Machines contains the staples for any embroiderer - whether you are new or just looking to restock your most used items. This kit is for you!

Our most popular Exquisite thread colors are paired with smooth-running bobbins, everyday useful stabilizers, needles, the Embroiderer's Compass and the luxurious never-fussy KingStar Metallic Thread. This kit has it all!

The Embroidery Starter Kit Includes:

  • 24 Colors of Exquisite® Poly 40wt 1,000m thread
  • 2 Spool of KingStar Metallic 1000m thread
  • Medium Wt. Cutaway (12” x 5yd roll)
  • Medium Wt. Firm Tearaway (12” x 5yd roll)
  • Water Soluble Topping (12” x 10yd roll)
  • Flat Shank Needle Sampler (100/box) EBBR Extra Large Eye Sharp & Light Ball Point Assortment
  • Steady Stitch Style L Magnetic Core (48/tube)
  • ⋆ BONUS! Embroiderer’s Compass©

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