Exquisite® Essentials 4-Tube Stabilizer Variety Packs

SKU: H2050F


Exquisite Essentials 4-Tube Stabilizer Variety Packs

Contents to vary depending on kit selected. Options include:

Fuse' N Tear (12" x 5 yds) - Firm, crisp, fusible tearaway that can be applied using a medium heat setting on a household iron.

Fusible No Show (12" x 5 yds) - Soft, sheer, translucent nylon cutaway with a low-melt adhesive.  Apply to the reverse side of fabrics to eliminate stretching during the hooping process.

Fuse So Soft (12" x 5 yds) - Fuse to the reverse side of fabric to cover the back of embroidery or to prepare soft lightweight materials for embroidery.

Heavy Cutaway (12" x 5 yds) - Provides maximum stability on heavy weight fabrics such as heavy fleece and jackets.  Used for large stitch counts.

Heavy Soft Tearaway (12" x 5 yds) - Soft, pliable, holds larger stitch counts than traditional tearaways.  Contains polyester which is ideal for children’s wear, and stable fabrics such as satin, canvas, and denim.

Medium Cutaway (12" x 5 yds) - For medium weight stretchy fabrics as well as medium stitch counts.

Medium Tearaway (12" x 5 yds) - Perfect weight to provide crisp support to embroidery on stable materials.

No Show (12" x 5 yds) - Soft, sheer, translucent cutaway eliminates stabilizer showing through the garment.

No Show Cutaway (12" x 5 yds) - Lightweight cutaway that supports high stitch counts and detailed designs without showing through the fabric.

Peel’ N Stick (12" x 5 yds) - Hoop and peel the protective paper to expose the friendly, non-gummy self-adhesive stabilizer to securely hold items for embroidery.

Sew' N Wash (12" x 5 yds) - Soft, stable fabric-like stabilizer designed to dissolve in water.  This stabilizer can be used to create embroidered lace and other “freestanding” embroidery and “in-the-hoop” projects.

Tear' N Wash (12" x 5 yds) - Tearaway stabilizer that dissolves in the wash. Ideal for towels and linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible. May require more than one washing for complete removal.

Water Soluble Topping (12" x 10 yds) - Hoop on top of material to provide a smooth stitching surface for embroidery, holding embroidery stitches above plush or textured fabrics.

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