Font Collection Volume 5: Vintage Fonts™



Font Collection Volume 5: Vintage Fonts

Includes 18 fonts for vintage thread projects

Create lovely vintage embroidery projects with these 18 fonts digitized for use with vintage thread. Works within The Embroidery Tool Shed. 

Includes these fonts:

  • Arial Vintage
  • Bauhaus Vintage
  • Broom Vintage
  • Brush Vintage
  • Casual Vintage
  • Cracked Vintage
  • Damage Vintage
  • Francks Vintage
  • Goudy Vintage
  • Groove Vintage
  • Hand Vintage
  • High School Vintage
  • Lacuna Vintage
  • Lemon Vintage
  • Opium Vintage
  • Revue Vintage
  • Skiver Vintage
  • Stressed Vintage

This font collection is only for use in our FREE Embroidery Tool Shed software. Get the FREE Embroidery Tool Shed here. 

**If you own Vintage software you already own these fonts and do not need to purchase**

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