Hoop Guard™ for Standard Hoops

SKU: HG0002


Hoop Guard for Standard Hoops

An extra hand to keep excess fabric out of the embroidery field.

Hoop Guard for Standard Hoops easily slides into position on most manufacturer's hoops!*
Use one or more on each side of the hoop to safeguard your project.

  • No more hovering over the machine to make sure fabric stays out of the embroidery field!
  • No more messy tape needed to tame hooped t-shirts!
  • Bags are a breeze with Hoop Guard for Standard Hoops to wrangle unwieldy fabric!
  • Pillow cases are painless with Hoop Guard for Standard Hoops!
  • Easily stitch large towels, blankets, table runners, quilt sandwiches and even baby onesies!

Easy to Attach

Slides in between the frame of most standard hoops*

Bendable, pliable

4 Hoop Guards Included

Cover All Sides

Use one or more on each side of the hoop for extra protection

*May not work with round hoops

Customer Reviews

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Hoop guards

I really really like the hoop guards! It is so nice to put these in the hoop with the fabric and not have to worry about the fabrics outside the hoop falling into the stitch field!! Nothing is worse then finishing an item only to find you've sewn pieces to it that shouldn't be and you have to start over! So far I've used this with a bunch of projects using cottons plus that also had batting and it worked great! I would suggest this to every embroiderer!!

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