Just Earrings™

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Just Earrings

Embroidered earrings are light as air - fun to make and comfortable to wear!

Choose from 18 different earrings - hoop, teardrops, fringe, spangles, and more. You'll find a range of sizes from timid (length of 1.25in) to bold statements (length of 2.25in).

Just Earrings can be customized with Exquisite polyester embroidery thread, KingStar metallic thread, crystals, beads, and jewelry findings. Stack two earrings together for an eye-catching effect. Pair earrings with jewel studs for an elegant presentation. Experiment with Exquisite Medley thread for a fun look. 

Eileen Roche's Just Earrings collection is a stand-alone collection. However, if you have My Lace Maker software installed you can opt to install the collection into your software!

For best results, hoop two layers of Sew 'n Wash water-soluble mesh stabilizer in a 5in x 7in or smaller hoop. All designs fit in a 4in x 4in hoop. Use matching thread in the needle and bobbin for all earrings. Eileen used Exquisite 40 wt polyester thread and KingStar Metallic thread for all Just Earrings samples. 

You will receive via download:

  • Just Earrings Collection

KingStar Metallic thread is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 2.

Our design collections will run on a MAC with the use of a MAC Key. For more information, click here.

Some software programs recalculate stitch counts, sorts colors, or makes other changes to embroidery designs when saving/exporting that is out of the control of the user.

We stand behind the integrity of our designs when opened in our Embroidery Tool Shed software or sent directly to the machine without opening in other embroidery software programs.

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