Lace Charms™

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Lace Charms

Make intricate lace creations! 

Get your hands on this lovely embroidery collection designed by Eileen Roche consisting of 34 different lace charms for earrings, purse and necklaces. Comes in two versions; one with an eyelet for hanging and one without for a total of 68 designs. 

Make your own jewelry, including tassel earrings and necklaces! The designs can also be used to make novelty lace designs with My Lace Maker. Purchase of My Lace Maker software is not required for this collection.

Simply hoop water soluble mesh stabilizer and stitch the charms. Rinse away the stabilizer and add a metal jump ring, lobster claw, or earring finding to transform the free-standing jewelry charms into beautiful jewelry!

This product is a download. You will receive a link and a serial number after purchase.


Our design collections will run on a MAC with the use of a MAC Key. For more information, click here.

Some software programs recalculate stitch counts, sorts colors, or makes other changes to embroidery designs when saving/exporting that is out of the control of the user.

We stand behind the integrity of our designs when opened in our Embroidery Tool Shed software or sent directly to the machine without opening in other embroidery software programs.

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