Sallie Tomato Handbag Pressing Station Boards



Sallie Tomato Handbag Pressing Station Boards

For use with the Totally Tubular Pressing or Hooping Station!

Designs in Machine Embroidery is thrilled to partner with Jessica Barrera of Sallie Tomato to bring you Handbag Pressing Station boards designed for use with the Totally Tubular Pressing Station and Totally Tubular Hooping Station

Extend the function of your Totally Tubular System to add shape and form to handbags, totes, and purses. Easily press seams, sleeves, and bag corners. 

Available in three sizes

  • One 4" x 13" x .75" curved edge board for pressing seams open and one 4" x 13" x .75" straight-edge board to add shape to bags, totes, and purses
  • One 3" x 13" x .75" board for pressing gussets in medium-sized openings
  • One 1.5"x 13" x .75" board for tight construction to press away wrinkles and add structure to small spaces

Please note: boards do not include posts to connect together. These add-on boards are accessories to the Totally Tubular Pressing Station and/or the Totally Tubular Hooping Station.

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