Simple Steps to Patch Success in Patch & Applique Maker™



Simple Steps to Patch Success

Embroidery Software Success by Eileen Roche

Eileen Roche created the Embroidery Software Success series to teach you how to make the most of the features found in Patches & Applique Maker.

Not only are patches a cinch to make but also easy to apply. At least once in every embroiderer’s life, a friend or family members asks for a custom patch. Whether it’s for a traditional use such as a uniform name patch, a merit badge, or a monogram, you’ll want to deliver a professional-grade custom patch. Make them to commemorate special occasions like family reunions, graduations, and personal accomplishments. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make a patch in Patch and Applique Maker, turn any design into a patch, and three methods for precutting patches.

This product is a .pdf download. You will receive a link to download after purchase. Requires PDF reader software readily available on the internet or through Adobe®

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