Trim in the Hoop or Precut in Patch & Applique Maker™



Trim in the Hoop or Precut? You Decide!

Embroidery Software Success by Eileen Roche

Eileen Roche created the Embroidery Software Success series to teach you how to make the most of the features found in Patches & Applique Maker.

All the appliques in Patch and Applique Maker are preset for trimming in the hoop since this has been the traditional method for embroidery enthusiasts. However, many embroiderers prefer precutting appliques to streamline the applique process. In this lesson, you’ll learn the difference in software settings for the two techniques.  Plus, we’ll cover E-stitch, Motif Stitch, Raw Edge applique, and Cutting methods. 

This product is a .pdf download. You will receive a link to download after purchase. Requires PDF reader software readily available on the internet or through Adobe®

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