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Weightless Quilter

It's Uplifting! 

The Weightless Quilter is a floor-standing frame engineered to support the weight of the quilt. As you guide the quilt bundle with your hands, flexing poles mimic your movement in a Free-motion dance! This is the solution every machine quilter has been looking for. Free-motion, stitch regulator, and walking foot-friendly, the Weightless Quilter lifts the quilt above the machine bed while you stitch without stress on your body. No more fighting all that bulk on small to king-size quilts. Set under any sewing table, The Weightless Quilter rises above the machine to hold the quilt and allow it to move freely while you concentrate on creating beautiful quilting stitches.

    • The Weightless Quilter eliminates battles with the weight of the bundle
    • Provides a solution for getting a big job done in a small space
    • Reduces stress and fatigue on the body
    • Works with equipment you already own: traditional sewing machine, sit-down mid-arm and sit-down long-arm
    • Set up in minutes and stores easily when not in use
    • Requires no special furniture

The Weightless Quilter’s small footprint (36” x 36”) fits under a sewing cabinet or table and can even be configured to sit on the sides of a table. You can position it in multiple ways for your sewing space! It assembles in less than 10 minutes without tools. Eight Flex poles provide three levels of lift capacity: lightweight (thinner poles); medium (thicker poles); firm (combination of lightweight and medium poles).  Most quilts will use the lightweight lift capacity but heavier fabrics and batting may benefit from a medium or heavy lift.

      • Constructed with high-quality durable materials
      • Poles are strong yet flexible.
      • Fabric clips hold the bundle securely
      • Easy to adjust the quilt as you stitch
      • Patented design
      • Ships in an 8.25" x 6" x 60" box, weighs 11lbs 

    Patent # 9,719,2000

    Assembly and Usage Video Guide 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Quilting so much easier

    The Weightless Quilter allowed me to machine quilt without the constant maneuvering of the heavy weight of my project. I used a machine embroidery snowflake pattern rehooping frequently. The weightless quilter took the pressure off my shoulder and allowed me to finish the quilting in a shorter time. So glad I purchased the Weightless Quilter.

    Worth it

    Just finished my first fullsize quilt. Could not have done it without the weightless quilter!

    Thank you!

    I just wanted to share my first project with the weightless quilter. It’s not huge but I was still struggling with the weight and bulk. My husband helped me set it up. It was easy and just took a little experimenting to get used to it. Thank you for making it possible for me to finish my own quilts!!

    Makes quilting so much easier and more enjoyable

    The weightless quilter makes quilting so much more enjoyable. I don’t need to constantly move the quilt around the machine to ensure there’s no drag. Instead, the flexible poles take the weight, and sway with the movement of the machine. All while I sit and watch. It also helps when rehooping... just glide the quilt over the hoop. Great invention!

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